How It Works

10 Weeks of One-on-One Lessons

You want to learn to play the music you like to listen to. So that’s what we’ll help you learn. From rock to country to folk and everything in between.

“Graduate” to receive your guitar and gear kit

When you finish lessons, you’re just getting started. You’ll get your very own guitar and all the equipment you need to keep the riffs rolling. For free.

Continue to learn and find support in communal lessons

Sometimes, you just want to jam. Circle up with like-minded Vets that get it.

How To Enroll in the Guitars For Vets program

Guitars for Vets are a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and as such governed by certain rules that dictate what we are able to do.

Veterans gain entry into our program via a referral/consultation from their VA case/social worker to the VA department hosting G4V.

If you are near any of our chapters you can work with your case/social worker to get a referral into our program. Alternatively, if anyone at your facility is interested in starting a chapter, please feel free to share our contact information with them.

If you have questions about enrollment

Please note that Guitars for Vets does not control admission into the program. That is the responsibility of the local VA department hosting G4V and we are unable to answer any questions in this regard. You can find a complete list of VA facilities here:

We currently operate over 100 chapters in more than 40 states in conjunction with local VAs.

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