• Tommy Emmanuel

    Tommy Emmanuel

    “I am so honored to be involved with G4V… the guitar is a friend to us always – ready whenever we are, never impatient, never asking too much. Pick one up and the relationship will be there forever. Together, we can help so many vets get the joy back in their lives through the power of music.”

    The Tommy Emmanuel Official Website

  • Tony Polecastro

    Tony Polecastro Official

    Tony Polecastro

    “I’m honored to bring awareness of G4V to our growing community of 150,000+ acoustic guitar geeks who share the same values as G4V: It’s not about mastering the instrument, it’s about the healing power of music & human connection, constant progress and fun. We’re excited to support G4V through the Acoustic Life Festival, monthly donations via and direct monetary and guitar donations from individuals in our community.”

    Tony Polecastro Official 

  • Frank Hannon

    Frank Hannon

    “I’m honored to be able to give back to those that gave so much. By partnering with Guitars For Vets, we can help arm our brave heroes with acoustic guitars, allowing them to learn to play, experience the healing power of music and become a six-string soldier! For many Vets the guitar has become a source of peace and comfort during difficult times and personal challenges. Nothing can heal the mind, body and soul like music. We look forward to working with G4V to help put more six-strings in the hands of those that gave so much to secure and protect our freedoms. It’s not what you got, it’s what you give!” ~ Frank Hannon

    Frank Hannon Official

  • Halestorm


    My heart swells knowing that through Guitars For Vets,  I get to pass on the healing power of music to these amazing men and women. People who have lost so much in order for us to live out our dreams every day. This is more than giving away an instrument, it is giving an outlet for peace and light in the darkness.

    Halestorm Official 

  • Quinton Gibson

    Quinton Gibson

    “It is such a pleasure to be an ambassador and work next to the amazing people here at G4V.  The mission is all about helping others through the healing power of music!  In my career I’ve seen from stage how crowds respond to music and the emotions connected to that moment.  Music is a universal language.. It sets a mood and touches the soul to its core.  As a guitar teacher I’ve seen some amazing positive changes with students.  Playing music can be a mood changer, boost self esteem and it can also create a discipline that can be applied to all aspects of life.  I’m a huge fan of G4V and the difference being made in the lives of those who sacrificed so much for our country.”
  • Krista and Joey Belladonna

    Krista and Joey Belladonna

    “We are humbled and honored to be working with Guitars For Vets to help bring the healing powers of music and comradeship to Veterans with PTSD. Music touches in so many ways and it can be the lifeline for someone who feels they have nothing else to cling to. Partner it with the brotherhood of others who have been through their own darkest days and you have a formula for hope and inner peace, for now and into the future.

    We are looking forward to helping those who have volunteered to sacrifice so much for us. For without them we have nothing.”


  • Winston Rider Mock

    Winston Rider Mock

    I am honored to support and bring awareness of G4V to our growing community. I have a tremendous amount of respect for our veterans and as G4V’s first High School Ambassador, I hope to spread awareness to high schools and communities throughout the country.  Playing music and learning to play guitar is my passion, and I hope to change the lives of many veterans in the same way music has changed my life.
  • Scotty Hasting

    Scotty Hasting

  • Tallan


    Guitars For Vets is something that is near and dear to my heart. People often forget how much our military does, and the sacrifices that they make, along with their families. I really love music because it has a HEALING power. Music brings joy and happiness to people. Music allows an outlet that offers comfort and helps with the healing process. Being a guitar instructor, I see first hand the joy it brings to someone once they learn something new, even if it’s just something as simple as a chord. That sense of accomplishment is really impactful and really gives them the belief that they can achieve anything. When our military is overseas they never leave any one behind because they are family. It is our job to make sure they are not left behind here at home because they are family. I’m honored to be an ambassador for an organization who makes sure our Vets are number 1. Guitars For Vets helps to bring relief and happiness back into our vets who suffer from PTSD and other disabilities that they got from combat. Music can change the world, and it can change the world for our Vets as well. I want to THANK all of our VETERANS who have sacrificed so much, so that I am able to do what I do. Let’s help and HONOR our BELOVED Brothers and Sisters by getting music into their lives, one guitar at a time!

    Tallan Latz Website

  • Keith Douglas (Tora Tora)

    Keith Douglas (Tora Tora)

    “The power of music never ceases to amaze me and the work G4V is doing to help our Veterans overcome PTSD, depression and other personal demons is nothing short of miraculous. I have undying appreciation, love and support for these heroes and for me to be an Ambassador to raise awareness for this program is nothing less than an absolute honor. Keep up the good work, G4V! Thank you!!”

    Tora Tora Music

  • Thom Tran

    Thom Tran

    I’m a combat veteran, a Purple Heart Recipient, a musician, and a professional stand up comedian. Comedy healed my soul after I came home from war. Just like music does too. Guitars 4 Vets is helping other vets like myself find some healing through music, and I want to help them keep taking soldiers like an NCO does.

  • Jimmy Warren

    Jimmy Warren

    “As someone from a long line of military service and sacrifice, I understand the price that can be paid for freedom.” I’m proud to be a part of Guitars 4 Vets, sharing awareness of the cause and the gift of guitar.” For as long as I can remember I have loved playing guitar. Everything about the instrument, including the business of guitar is fascinating to me. To be able to share my passion and love for the guitar with the great men and women who have sacrificed for our country is a true honor.”

    Jimmy Warren

  • Doug Levitt

    Doug Levitt

    I am incredibly honored to be an ambassador for the Guitars for Vets program.  Having traveled more than 150,000 Greyhound miles over the last 15 years, writing songs about fellow travelers — and having performed at lots of VAs around the country — I’ve sat next to so many vets dealing with the impacts of PTSD on a daily basis, many of them would find the Guitars for Vets program transformative, maybe some have.  Music has a unique healing quality reaching places of pain and calming the nervous system. I’ve seen this with others and in my own life, as one whose father committed suicide.  There is a figure on the the site that speaks to the enormity of the problem of veteran suicide — since Vietnam, more soldiers have died from suicide than from battle.  It’s both vital and wonderful that Guitars for Vets not only exists but that it is reaching more than 100 chapters around the country.  And yet vital and wonderful too is their push to reach ever-more veterans.   

  • Syd Masters

    Syd Masters

    “When a person learns to play the guitar the instrument soon becomes their very good friend. When holding it no one is ever alone, or lonely, ever again. I am proud to join forces with G4V and bring this magic to those who need it most. Having veterans attend my concerts and be honored by the audience members will now be a part of every show. Music is therapy. As a G4V Ambassador I look forward to doing my part in providing this healing power to the heroes that give me my freedom. When it comes to associates of G4V and U.S. military vets, y’all are welcome to come jam at my campfire any time!”

    Syd Masters Official

  • Brent Payne

    Brent Payne

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to support these Veterans at every graduation and reassure them that we do care and that they can overcome with this support. The musical instruction and sense of brotherhood is spectacular. I strongly believe that through public awareness and the support of Guitars for Vets, we can make a difference in the fight against PTS and TBI.

    Brent Payne Official

  • Willy Porter

    Willy Porter

    “I’m happy to support this organization as a show of gratitude for those who have served, but also because I believe in the healing power of music. It is a theory of mine that if we can express through song the burdens that we carry, those same burdens might just transform into wisdom and strength over time.”

    Willy Porter Official

  • Breck Philip

    Breck Philip

    “There is no doubt that music has healing power. Guitars 4 Vets far reaching effort is having outstanding impact across the Country…I am stoked to turn people on to it and bring new awareness the program.”

    Breck Philip

  • Ricky Byrd

    Ricky Byrd

    “It’s an honor and a privilege to be associated with Guitars For Vets.
    I look forward to using RnR music as a healing force to help those Vets struggling with PTSD and Addiction..
    I’ve seen the results in my recovery music groups around the country, which I’m grateful to get the chance to lead.
    Let’s do this!”

    Ricky Byrd Official

  • Stitched Up Heart

    Stitched Up Heart

    We absolutely love the work G4V does for our heroes! We need more people in this world like them.

    Stitched Up Heart Official

  • Dan Cord

    Dan Cord

    I support Guitars for Vets because this is a personal journey in my life and playing guitar was the only aspect of my life that got me through the most difficult struggles of deployment and coming home.  I brought my guitar on both tours in Iraq and hanging out in the smoke pit after missions was our little slice of home.  Guys would ask me to learn songs that reminded them of home and we would just get lost in music a little bit each night.

    When I got out of the Marine Corps, that is when the real struggle began for me. Feeling lost and so disconnected from those around me, music was the glue holding my life together. I was lucky enough to find a few fellow musicians who felt that passion for music and have been traveling the world together. Music is the true universal language and no matter where you go, you play guitar for people, you all come together to enjoy that connection.
    For any Veteran struggling to find your place or your voice; get a guitar in your hands. It’ll speak for you when you cannot.
  • Fabrizio

    Fabrizio "Fab" Grossi

    I am honored and proud to support a non profit organization that helps, by using Music as main vehicle or medicine , if you will.

    PTSD is one of the many plagues affecting our vets, and the thought that my participation to the program , creates awareness and could possibly help out even one vet , to overcome his/her all around hardships , is reason of tremendous proud and joy.
    I applaud Guitars 4 Vets for “sticking to the plan and its mission “, and provide endless help and care with guitar lessons and music implementation. Being a musician, I know very well what kind of effect music has on me, so, I can only keep on stressing its borderline magic therapeutic affect on someone’s mental and overall well being.
    Thank you for rocking it “right” guys, and happy to be along for the ride.
  • Drivin N Cryin

    Drivin N Cryin

    Everyone knows how great it feels when you hear a song that just makes you believe you can do anything! That’s the power of music. More people need to understand what has been known for centuries– music has the power to heal. And playing or singing is even more so! I use music to keep myself entertained, balanced and focused. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Guitars for Vets. I can’t say enough about what a great idea it is! 

    I’m looking forward to teaching a few G4V classes about technique and songwriting.

    Some of my favorite songs only have 2 or 3 chords. I taught my granddaughter that one of the greatest things about music is that it is a global language. There might be hundreds of ways to say good morning or I love you, but the D chord is the same in all the languages. Music is part of our everything- An important spiritual ingredient to our everyday life.

    Thank you to everyone at Guitars for Vets.

    You’re my heroes!

    Drivin N Cryin Official

  • James Patrick Morgan

    James Patrick Morgan

    “Most people in our country rarely leave their comfort zone. They enjoy freedom with little to no adversary to hinder daily life. That freedom was not given, it was earned—and must be maintained. The brave men and women of our military pick up the bill for our safety – physically, mentally, and emotionally. If music can provide some semblance of peace, distraction, or even somehow honor these great people for their sacrifice…it’s the least I can do. Words cannot describe how lucky I feel to be working with Guitars For Vets.”

    JPM Official

  • Ron Keel

    Ron Keel

    “I am proud to be working with G4V. Anything we can do to show our appreciation to these warriors, we have to do it – without their sacrifice, we’d all be singing a different tune. I’ve worked with a number of Veteran’s charities, so when I heard about G4V, I immediately reached out – thanks for letting me participate. Our Veterans rock!”

    Ron Keel Official

  • Joe Goodkin

    Joe Goodkin

    “My time as an instructor for the Guitars for Vets chapter at Jesse Brown VA in Chicago confirmed for me that G4V is building communities in which veterans of all ages and backgrounds can connect through the power of music and share their experiences and stories. I’m beyond proud to continue my involvement in the ambassador capacity and work to bring G4V to as many facilities and individuals as possible.”

    Joe Goodkin Official

  • Terry Leroi (Granny 4 Barrel)

    Terry Leroi (Granny 4 Barrel)

    Photo Creds: Stephanie Cabral

    “Music is powerful and transformative….it has the ability to heal the body mind and spirit. I’m humbled to be a part of this great cause that is G4Vets. This is amazing heartfelt work that this organization does…they are truly changing lives for the better!”

    Granny 4 Barrel Official

  • Whiskey Belles

    Whiskey Belles

    We have all benefited from the healing powers of music, and G4V has proven that music is indeed the best therapy. We are proud to be Artist Ambassadors because the willingness of our brothers and sisters who have sacrificed for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.  Hearing just a few notes of a song can transport you to a peaceful and serene place. It’s an honor to be part of this beautiful organization that focuses on spreading joy, healing and peace through music.

    Whiskey Belles Official

  • Trapper Schoepp

    Trapper Schoepp

    For many, music is a powerful tool in healing from the wounds of war. Its effect on the mind and body is undeniable. Guitars 4 Vets is the middleman between the music and the soldier and I’m honored to be involved.

    Trapper Schoepp Official

  • Mike Masse

    Mike Masse

    I am proud to support Guitars for Vets.  I have personally experienced the healing power of music on many occasions throughout my life, and I also know how therapeutic playing (and even practicing!) can be.  Guitars and vets are a match made in heaven, and may you be blessed for your efforts, G4V.

    Mike Masse Official

  • Jesse Frewerd

    Jesse Frewerd

    G4V supports Veterans with no strings attached. Since my return from Iraq in 2004, music has helped me externalize and process what I’ve been through. I am honored to be able to support this amazing organization, as its mission has always meant a lot to me.  For any Veterans struggling to find where they fit in when that uniform comes off, get plugged in with you local G4V chapter; music can truly speak volumes to your experiences, even if there’s no words yet to sing.

    Jesse Frewerd Social

  • Rick Kiser

    Rick Kiser

    “As a Veteran and a professional musician who has suffered from PTSD, I am honored to be an Ambassador for Guitars for Vets. Music is a special gift and G4V is a great way to share this gift with the men and women who deserve to experience the joys, benefits and up close friendship of the guitar.”

    Richard Kiser Official

  • Jason Charles Miller

    Jason Charles Miller

    “First of all, I don’t feel worthy. But, it’s very humbling. Music heals me all the time. Being able to to take any negative experience that I’ve had and then writing about it, whether I’m writing a song about it, writing lyrics about it; it gets it out of me. It makes me feel better. It helps me cope and one of the amazing things that I get back is when people send me messages and tell me that something I’ve written or performed is helping them cope. That is the best feeling ever.”

    Jason Charles Miller Official

  • N.a.s.H


    “N.a.s.H. is honored to support the incredible organization ‘Guitars for Vets’, and to do our small part in pushing its already vast-reaching mission to more people across the country and beyond. When we heard about the organization and met the people that work within it, we were so extremely impressed and moved and so eager to become a part of it. ‘The healing power of music’, truer words do not exist. N.a.s.H. believes that if it weren’t for the men and women who protect and serve our nation, we would not be able to do what we do. ‘Guitars for Vets’ brings much needed light and deserved attention to those men and women.   We can’t wait to see what they do next!”

    N.a.s.H Official

  • Hyro the Hero

    Hyro the Hero

    “I think it’s super important and it’s amazing. It basically shows the power of music and its healing powers and how it can bring things together that can help people in different situations. Music turned into something so huge, it’s a part of people’s lives, it helps people’s lives, it betters people’s lives and for me to be doing something creatively to even be asked to be a part of something that can help people, I’m happy for that. It means a lot to me. I was asked to do it – that’s just crazy on my part! Because my music from young to now, it’s going to be put to help somebody in a situation, help Vets, that’s huge right there. It’s hard to put it into words, so I’m just ecstatic about it.”

    Hyro the Hero Official

  • Ernie C

    Ernie C

    It’s an honor and a privilege to represent the veterans of our great country.

    Body Count Social

  • Sonny Moorman

    Sonny Moorman

    “Music brings us together — so let’s play.”

    Sonny Moorman Official

  • Tavis Stanley

    Tavis Stanley

    I support our vets and am honored to help bring them a unique healing experience through music.

    Adelita’s Way Official

  • Earl Slick

    Earl Slick

    “Having had a number of close friends return from combat with both physical and emotional scars, I have witnessed the impact from war firsthand and if I can put a smile on their faces even for a minute, it’s all more than worth it. Music is magic.”


  • Jim McCarty

    Jim McCarty

    “Regardless of what one thinks of the politics of these wars, these men and women often come back scarred physically and emotionally. I’m more than happy to represent and be part of an organization that tries to help these people rebuild their lives.”

    Jim McCarty Official

  • Joey Molland (Bad Finger)

    Joey Molland (Bad Finger)

    “I’m happy to be an Artist Ambassador for Guitars for Vets. The very first rock ‘n’ roll record that I really heard was “Blue Suede Shoes.” I was 11 years old and that’s right out of Memphis. That was the record that actually started me playing the guitar. I went right out when I heard that record and got my brother’s guitar out and started to teach myself to play.”

    Badfinger Official

  • Billy J. Kramer

    Billy J. Kramer

    “After a traumatic experience as a young man, my mother brought my guitar to the hospital which helped me greatly in my recovery. Guitars4vets is a wonderful way of taking veterans minds off the situations they have had to cope with both mentally and physically. I feel that the magic of music is one of the greatest forms of therapy. Guitars4vets is an organization that everyone should support.”

    Billy J Kramer Official

  • Ali Handal

    Ali Handal

    “Music heals. I’m thrilled to work with Guitars for Vets to bring the joy of making music to men and women around the country. What a wonderful way to harness the power of music and community, and to help ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters.”

    Ali Handal Official

  • Scott Ian (Anthrax)

    Scott Ian (Anthrax)

    “I think it’s great, especially after I learned more about it when I was initially approached. I didn’t really understand what it was and then I got educated on it and found out even therapeutically what it means for these guys, even just to pick up a guitar and learn how to even play a chord and what it could mean for their psyche.

    It’s something I totally believe in because I truly believe music, as cheesy as it sounds, it is really a common bond through everyone on this planet, every culture, everywhere on this planet. Everybody has music. Something that comes from their culture, whatever it may be, but I think music is something that is generally, universally loved on this planet and brings joy to most people. So, if there’s any way I could help bring happiness and certainly help Veterans with guitars, it’s obviously a no brainer.”

    Anthrax Official

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