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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, G4V has grown increasingly concerned that isolation, caused by social distancing guidelines, threatens the mental wellness of the Veterans who already struggle with the invisible wounds of war. As a result, we have launched a cyber chapter dedicated to teaching virtual guitar lessons to Veterans around the country, particularly those who are unable to access our services at an existing Guitars for Vets chapter.

Our cyber chapter will allow Veterans to enroll in the G4V program free of charge and complete 11 weekly on-line private lessons that are individualized and designed to help students learn at their own pace. Upon completing our 11-week program, Veterans will receive a brand new acoustic guitar and all of the accessories needed to continue playing.


Veteran proof required.

MUST HAVE A GUITAR AND ACCESSORIES TO PRACTICE WITH. *At the end of the 11 lessons, you will receive a brand new acoustic guitar. However, you must have a guitar to go through the 11 lessons with.

Must have basic knowledge of technology and familiar with Google.

Must have access to iPad/laptop/desktop with camera/mic and internet capabilities.

Must be available on the same day and time every week for 11 weeks.

Must be a ‘beginner’ level

Must be willing to complete pre-post surveys


Attend 11 lessons as scheduled.

Log in to a designated virtual platform at time of meeting. If I am more than 10 minutes late, I understand this will be considered an unexcused absence.

Treat the instructor and others involved with the Guitars for Vets Program with courtesy and respect.

Inform the instructor at least 24 hours in advance if I am unable to attend my weekly lessons. I understand that this will count as an excused absence unless I do not inform my instructor within 24 hours, in which case this will count as an unexcused absence.

Two unexcused absences may be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Two or more excused absences will initiate a review by the Cyber Chapter Coordinator and Instructor to determine whether it is reasonable for me to continue with the program.

Guitars for Vets is not providing any medical or mental health treatment and is not responsible for any problems I may believe I experience as a result of my participation in the program.

As a participating student in the G4V program, I will complete any surveys sent via email by Guitars for Vets.

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