Let’s #BandTogether to continue sharing the healing power of music!

Many of you know that Guitars for Vets’ mission is to share the healing power of music with Veterans battling the  invisible wounds of war.

For over a decade, our volunteers have regularly met face-to-face with Veterans around the country to form relationships, build community and play guitar. But now, because of the current environment, we’ve been forced to stop doing what we love.

However, like the brave men and women we serve, Guitars for Vets, isn’t going to give up on its mission without a fight.

That’s why we’ve launched an online challenge we’ve named Band Together and are asking guitar players around the world to help us use the power of social media to keep our program alive. 

Guitars for Vet is challenging you to teach a brief guitar lesson for our Veterans that we can share on-line. We ask you to challenge your friends and peers to do the same, and if you see fit, we ask you to donate to our cause so we can re-launch our in-person programming when social distancing restrictions are lifted. 

Together, we can continue sharing the healing power of music with our nation’s heroes.  Thank your for your support. Please remember, it costs $200 to put a Veteran through our program.

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